Cambridge History of The American Civil War

Edited by Aaron Sheehan-Dean

Published by Cambridge University Press

This beautifully presented three-volume set provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the American Civil War. Published by Cambridge University Press.

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The Cambridge History of the American Civil War

The volumes include contributions from over seventy-five leading historians of the Civil War, with the cumulative work investigating the full range of human experiences and outcomes in this most transformative moment in American and global history.


Volume 1 is organised around military affairs, with the subject matter covering major battles and campaigns of the conflict. Volume 2 delves deep into the political and social affairs, highlighting the experiences of millions of Americans who lived outside the major campaign zones in both the North and South. Volume 3 examines cultural and intellectual impact, analysing how the length of the Civil War, as well as its sheer scale and the intensity of the conflict led to an existential crisis among Americans. The volume concludes with a series of essays evaluating the ways Americans have memorialized and remembered the Civil War in art, literature, film, and public life.


The volumes are edited by Aaron Sheehan-Dean, who is the Fred C. Frey Professor of Southern Studies at Louisiana State University and the chairman of the History Department. He has also written and edited a number of books on the Civil War.

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Published by Cambridge University Press
2,400 pages
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