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  1. War Horse

    War Horse

    Michael Morpurgo

    Illustrated by Alan Marks


    Star of both stage and screen, War Horse is now published in a Folio edition with a striking binding and a series of powerful illustrations by Alan Marks.

  2. Limited Edition
    Edward Thomas: Selected Poems

    Edward Thomas: Selected Poems

    Edward Thomas

    Illustrated by David Gentleman


    A limited edition published to commemorate the poet’s death in April 1917 and designed to emulate the fine press editions of the early 20th century. In series with Selected Poems Rupert Brooke and Selected Poems Wilfred Owen.

  3. Empire of the Sun

    Empire of the Sun

    J. G. Ballard

    Illustrated by Tim Laing


    The harrowing story of a British boy’s four-year ordeal in a Japanese prison camp during the Second World War, based on the author’s own wartime experiences. The first illustrated edition, featuring images by award-winning artist Tim Laing.

Experience glorious battles and disastrous wars from ordinary soldiers, powerful monarchs and daring generals in The Folio Society’s war and historical fiction collection. From the conquests of Alexander to the horrors of the World Wars, these specially designed hardback editions serve as thrilling reads and stark commentaries on humanity’s bellicose nature. Each edition includes beautiful illustrations or carefully researched photographs and original bindings.