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  1. Greek Science

    Greek Science

    G. E. R. Lloyd

    Illustrated by Adam Simpson


    G. E. R. Lloyd traces the birth of science from Thales to Galen. A new foreword by Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor at University College London, pays tribute to the Ancient Greeks and to Lloyd’s exploration of their fundamental role.

  2. The Bayeux Tapestry

    The Bayeux Tapestry

    Carola Hicks and Sylvette Lemagnen


    An engaging and comprehensive study of one of history’s most celebrated artefacts. This edition features a colour reproduction of the Tapestry, with a scene-by-scene commentary.

Uncover the histories of the ancients, from the military campaigns of the Romans, the scientific advances of the Greeks to the religion and society of the Egyptians, with the Folio Society’s collection of ancient history books. Each book includes original illustrations or carefully researched photographs and a specially designed hardback cover to create a rare collectable edition.