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  1. De Profundis

    One of the greatest love letters ever written, De Profundis is newly introduced by Patti Smith and illustrated with archive photography in this exceptional Folio edition.

  2. Vienna 1900 Complete

    Vienna 1900 Complete

    Christian Brandstätter, Daniela Gregori and Rainer Metzger


    Vienna 1900 Complete brings together almost 1,000 images representing the richness of the visual arts in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century. 

Appreciate the world of the Renaissance, the complexities of communication, the writings of the world’s greatest wits and much more in The Folio Society’s Art, Language, and Essays collection. Discover the stories behind some of the most beautiful artworks in history, study the evolution of language and bask in the insight and intelligence of ground-breaking essays with these beautifully bound hardback collector’s editions. Each book includes expertly selected photographs and newly commissioned illustrations.