The World According to Physics

Jim Al-Khalili

Published by Princeton University Press

Quantum physicist and New York Times best-selling author Jim Al-Khalili offers a fascinating and illuminating look at what physics reveals about the world. Published by Princeton University Press.

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The World According to Physics

Shining a light on the most profound insights revealed by modern physics, Jim Al-Khalili invites us all to understand what this crucially important science tells us about the universe and the nature of reality itself. After introducing the fundamental concepts of space, time, energy and matter, Al-Khalili describes the three pillars of modern physics – quantum theory, relativity and thermodynamics – showing how all three must come together if we are ever to have a full understanding of reality. Using fascinating examples and thought-provoking analogies, Al-Khalili illuminates the physics of the extreme cosmic and quantum scales, the speculative frontiers of the field, and the physics that underpins our everyday experiences and technologies, bringing the reader up to speed with the biggest ideas in physics in just a few sittings.

‘Al-Khalili shows how physics can enrich our understanding not just of the world around us, but of ourselves, too.’

  1. Radio Times

Physics is revealed as an intrepid human quest for ever more foundational principles that accurately explain the natural world we see around us, guided by core values such as honesty and doubt in the search for truth. The knowledge discovered by physics both empowers and humbles us, and still, physics continues to delve valiantly into the unknown. Al-Khalili makes even the most enigmatic scientific ideas accessible and captivating. This accessible yet deeply insightful book explains why physics matters to everyone, and invites readers to share in the profound adventure of seeking truth in the world around us.

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Published by Princeton University Press
320 pages
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